Happiness In A Cup

The sun rose earlier than expected today.

Feeling great…

I rose from my bed and took a trip to the kitchen and made myself a nice cup of coffee.

A perfect way to start a great day.

I was feeling even greater than expected then, that I decided to fix my father a cup too.

While I was on the process of concocting the perfect coffee, I noticed that I kept spilling while I was stirring the coffee in its cup.

I was feeling a bit unbalanced.

And the worse part finally came when I’m about to give my dad the coffee.

On the way, I accidentally toppled the cup of coffee, spilling half of its content on the floor.

I end up cleaning the mess I made to start what I once thought to be a perfect day.

While I was cleaning, I thought…

Perhaps, I’m not having a great day after all…

Maybe it’s an early sign that I will have bad lucks all through out the day.

But as I was about to finish cleaning, I got a glimpse of a little sunshine that’s coming from our little window.

It caught my eyes and it blinded me for a second. In a good way.

The sun caught my attention that I turned into the window and damn…

I was stunned by how beautiful the rays of the sun sparkle as it shines passing through the little holes in our window.

But what really caught my attention that day was far greater than what I previously expected.

It was a realization, an enlightening thought…

…that if we could just open our eyes wide enough, there are many little things that this world has to offer that we often failed to value.

Little, but beautiful things that could brighten up our day.

Small things that remind us how lucky we are to be alive and witness the amazing things this world has in store for us.

Such realization came to me, like how precious the time we still have left in this world and it’s so valuable than just to waste it all on troubles, worries and all the negativities in life.

I snapped back to reality, and my quick journey to enlightenment changed my point of view.

Instead of thinking that what had happened was an early sign of bad luck…

I took it in a positive way to remind me that nobody really is perfect and one could really mess up one way or another.

It’s how we see and handle all these circumstances and turn it into our favor that really matters.

Because it’s in the flaws of life that we could really learn how to get up and appreciate the real meaning of being alive. 

As for our happiness…

We should really stop the idea of looking for others the things that could really make us feel great and happy, all the more, thinking that only by finding The Right One will make our lives ‘whole’.

As a matter of fact, we don’t even have to look hard enough just to find what will makes us feel great and happy.

Just like how I find mine, it’s how you could find yours too. 

Look around you. 

Happiness is not hard to find.

In fact, it’s just around the corner.


Have a great and a happy day ahead!


Share your happy thoughts in the comments below!

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