Hopeless Romantic No More!

This is not to give a good account to myself, but people around me always sends me compliment typically about my above-average look, my pleasant personality and my good-hearted nature.

But inspite all these flattery, I have to admit…

I’m always been the hopeless romantic type.

Not a day goes by that I don’t fantasize about love and the likes of my future soulmate. 

I’m a strong believer of happily ever afters in every fairy tales hence I date to marry.

And for these very reasons, I always gave my all in every relationship I had.  I gave all the love I could give to each and every special persons that once came into my life thinking that every each of them is The Right One for me back when they still had me in each separate special instances.

Little did I know that this ‘enthusiasm’ of mine was giving them pressure to keep up with my standards of how I vision my ideal man should be.

To cut the story short, they couldn’t live up to it, walked away out of my life, thus the downfall of our relationship.

And so, again with being a hopeless romantic, I decided to make it my life’s purpose to relentlessly seek my soulmate, The Right One. 

Never did I lose even for just a single bit of hope in the course of my continuous search believing that only by having a romantic relationship will my life be ‘whole’.

My continuous search then turned into a cycle… 

Until I came to a point that I grew tired of all this searching and finally came to terms with myself, realizing that…

“All my life, above anyone else, I never get the chance to put myself first.”

It was when I stumbled upon reading The Simple Ups: An Open Letter From A Single Soul that I finally know what I was missing. It made me realize that while I made my life’s goal to seek for love, I was looking for love in the wrong place all along.

The works from The Simple Ups was the game changer for me and for that, I am truly grateful and honored to be apart of it.

It had opened my eyes to possibilities that I thought I couldn’t but now I already understand that there is really more to being single than to just associate it with loneliness and such negativities.

Even at this very moment… Yes. I’m still single.

And I’m still in the search…but I’ve already broke my previous cycle to instead of seeking love from someone else, I’m now focused on finding myself  and trying to understand myself more than ever.

I realize that the missing part of me is none other than me! I’m now learning to put myself first and to appreciate and love myself like I never did before. I figured that in order to deserve The Right One, I first need to be The Right One and let my destiny and fate takes its own course to lead The Right One’s way into my life. 

At the very least, I could say that I’m still the hopeless romantic type that I was before.

I’m quite uncertain if I’m really okay for still having it in me, but what I’m really sure of is that I’m feeling better. Better than I ever was. 

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey.”

– Sylvester Mcnutt

This is my take of what it means to being single. What’s your story?


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Happiness In A Cup

The sun rose earlier than expected today.

Feeling great…

I rose from my bed and took a trip to the kitchen and made myself a nice cup of coffee.

A perfect way to start a great day.

I was feeling even greater than expected then, that I decided to fix my father a cup too.

While I was on the process of concocting the perfect coffee, I noticed that I kept spilling while I was stirring the coffee in its cup.

I was feeling a bit unbalanced.

And the worse part finally came when I’m about to give my dad the coffee.

On the way, I accidentally toppled the cup of coffee, spilling half of its content on the floor.

I end up cleaning the mess I made to start what I once thought to be a perfect day.

While I was cleaning, I thought…

Perhaps, I’m not having a great day after all…

Maybe it’s an early sign that I will have bad lucks all through out the day.

But as I was about to finish cleaning, I got a glimpse of a little sunshine that’s coming from our little window.

It caught my eyes and it blinded me for a second. In a good way.

The sun caught my attention that I turned into the window and damn…

I was stunned by how beautiful the rays of the sun sparkle as it shines passing through the little holes in our window.

But what really caught my attention that day was far greater than what I previously expected.

It was a realization, an enlightening thought…

…that if we could just open our eyes wide enough, there are many little things that this world has to offer that we often failed to value.

Little, but beautiful things that could brighten up our day.

Small things that remind us how lucky we are to be alive and witness the amazing things this world has in store for us.

Such realization came to me, like how precious the time we still have left in this world and it’s so valuable than just to waste it all on troubles, worries and all the negativities in life.

I snapped back to reality, and my quick journey to enlightenment changed my point of view.

Instead of thinking that what had happened was an early sign of bad luck…

I took it in a positive way to remind me that nobody really is perfect and one could really mess up one way or another.

It’s how we see and handle all these circumstances and turn it into our favor that really matters.

Because it’s in the flaws of life that we could really learn how to get up and appreciate the real meaning of being alive. 

As for our happiness…

We should really stop the idea of looking for others the things that could really make us feel great and happy, all the more, thinking that only by finding The Right One will make our lives ‘whole’.

As a matter of fact, we don’t even have to look hard enough just to find what will makes us feel great and happy.

Just like how I find mine, it’s how you could find yours too. 

Look around you. 

Happiness is not hard to find.

In fact, it’s just around the corner.


Have a great and a happy day ahead!


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How To Attract The Right One Into Your Life

“Love comes to those who wait”. 


But while this saying still holds true, the waiting part doesn’t have to mean pining, freaking out panicking and desperately seeking for The Right One.

Quite frankly, we can’t really blame ourselves for our impatience from time to time because we often hear people say we’ll meet the The Right One when the right time comes but we can’t help thinking if that so-called ‘right time’ will ever come.

Nonetheless, let’s not get hung up on being alone that we get to let this impatience take over us to make the decisions of the heart that would lead us to rush into the arms of just anyone.

As we take into account that time is of the essence, we could no longer afford spending more time or worse, settling for The Right ‘Now’ instead of forbearingly waiting for the The Right One.

Given this distressing matter, the question arises…

If chasing The Right One is considered indiscretion and the impatience of waiting for The Right One to come into our lives grows restless, what more can we do?

If you’re thinking that there’s got to be more than just that, then you are right.

Because we don’t chase The Right One, WE ATTRACT.

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction?

It’s the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together and attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances. Given this definition, The Right One is no exception.

In other words, the Law of Attraction is a law of the universe that confirms what you think, you attract. 

I know what you are trying to think right now. (The Right One, The Right One, The Right One).

Did you attract it? 

I know you didn’t. Not just yet.

While you might be being skeptical about it now, we don’t have to look hard enough to see evidences of happy married couples around us, even those that are in a relationship. They are the living proof that the Law of Attraction really do exist and The Right One along with it. 

Just as this ‘supernatural phenomenon’ happened to them, it can also happen to you. So buckle up and read on as I share with you the 5 surprisingly simple ways on how to really attract The Right One into your life.


Fall in love with yourself first

Most of us turn overlook and turn a blind eye on this that we dive straight into a relationship giving every bit of love that we could give without saving up some for ourselves thinking that finding The Right One right away will somehow make us “whole”, fill the emptiness that we feel inside, and make as ultimately happy. As a result, we often end up taken for granted, abused and misdirects us into loosing our own self-respect.

Fortunately, one’s happiness doesn’t depend on someone else and your other half can only do so much. You are your own happiness and only you can be in your corner even if nobody else is.

That is why it is very important to keep in mind and in your heart, that before you could give love to someone, you should love yourself first. Embrace your strengths and weaknesses and be gentle with your mistakes and failures.

For it’s when we love ourselves evidently enough that we could get to be loved by others, not the other way around. Like attracts like. Remember the Law of Attraction?


Forgive with who has hurt you and make peace with your past

Our past played an important role to us to become who we are today. We all went through the good and bad times from the past and we get to learn from it.

We should be mindful that we are living in the present now and surely, our happy moments are to be treasured and our unfortunate experiences and regrets that left us wounded and hurt must be dealt with and has to go.

Know that we can’t change what has already happened from the past. But what we can do is to forgive the people who has caused us pain and make peace with our past.

There is no use carrying grudges against people who had once hurt us in the past. It’ll only weigh you down from the joy that you’ll be missing living in the present and the bright future that awaits you.

Moreover, to let go of you past would mean making space in your present that is very important in creating new things and form new relationship, making way and drawing The Right One into your life.


Be optimistic and maintain a positive mindset 

Do your best to always find the positive attitude in every situation, even to those unfortunate ones. It is one of the important traits of people who always succeeds in life and in love.

Develop your mind to think positive, feel positive and act positive in order for you to naturally attain positive results in whatever endeavors you are into. In this case, attracting the The Right One.

Though it is normal to feel such negativity that seems to be a result of fear, disappointments and past failures, but life is just too short to values such negative feelings over the best that’s coming to you when you’re being positive. Don’t you think?

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity, so be the master of your mind. You too are destined to be successful in life and in love as you take your life in to the brighter side.

That is why you should develop a positive outlook in life so you could shine in the light and glow in the dark.


Find your passion and pursue the things that you love to do

While The Right One hadn’t yet been drawn into you, it’s best to keep you occupied with the things you are passionate about.

If you haven’t found it yet then it’s the best time to discovery and pursue it.

You can start by visualizing or reminiscing what you love to do when you’re still a kid and never had the chance to take part in, or you can start something new, something interesting.

This is your best chance to develop a skill, to engage your dream hobbies or rekindle your long lost interests because it’s always never too late to do something that you love to do.

And who knows, maybe and just maybe, you might meet and attract The Right One in the course of pursuing the things you love and it may be difficult for you to tell the difference. Pun not intended.


Embrace the new and positive you

When all is said and done, all that’s left to do is to get ready for others to be attracted to the new, positive, loving and the glowing you.

By falling in love with yourself, letting go of your tragic past, developing a positive mindset and finding your passion, you’ll unconsciously create the sun inside you and you’ll glow from inside out that will surely reach and felt by the people around you.

As a matter of fact, what this new perspective really gives out is to evoke the power to turn yourself into something better than you were before to inspire people and help you draw them into you like a magnet and increase the chance that will eventually help the The Right One to find a way to come into your life. Besides, this is what really is all about, right? Chuckles.

Have a positive and attractive day!


Do you still have more ways to attract The Right One in to our lives? Do you more insights about this article?

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Single Is The New Sexy

Gone are the days that single people were being looked down by those people who are not single in status. It’s not that because more and more people are living single these days and is dominating, but it’s because of that fact that singles contribute more that yields positive effect to the society that’s making our world a better place.

Back in the day, single people were viewed as inferior to those people that were in a relationship mainly because of the misconception that being single is often associated with loneliness, sadness and a life of sorrow and misery.

But as years passed, studies based on hundreds of thousands of people from different countries show that the conventional wisdom that most people know about being single is wrong.

Being single proves to be happier and get more emotional fulfillment

Compared to married people and those that are in a relationship, single people have more friends and bigger social networks. Without limitations and constraints from a possible jealous partner, single people maintain heartier relationships with their friends, family, co-workers and the people around them.

And by hearty relationships, it resonates to those we could text or call anytime if we’re in trouble at night, to have a lunch or dinner with anytime when we had nobody, to go on a night out and to just have someone whenever we need someone to talk to.

It follows that with this support system that single people maintain, they get to do more of emotional fulfillment. They were happier, less lonely and had better mental and emotional health.

Well, it’s only natural for single people to have nurtured more friends that drives the loneliness and the sadness because they are the ones who most likely to return the favor.

Because single people have more time to give

It’s one of the most unfair advantage that single people have that others don’t have the luxury of having.

According to psychologist, with or without them realizing, single peoples have enough time for themselves that they naturally enter a state of restorative solitude where it allows them to regain back their energy, check in with their feelings and appreciate their own meaning and purpose of existence.

By this, we could tell that the longer we spend being single in a phase of our lives, the more time we spend to get to know and understand ourselves in a deeper sense.

And because single people have deeper if not full understanding of their own well-being, they also have a better view of the world and shares a positive outlook in life that’s touched those who once put a wrong interpretation and now realize and respect the power that holds being single.

Single people have more freedom and means

Since they have all the time in the world to themselves, they have laser focus to most likely attain all their dreams and aspirations in life without distractions from a partner and given the support system that most single people have from their big social networks.

Resources like time, moral support and even financial means will not be a trouble because single people have it all for themselves to spend.

This leads to another misconception that single people are selfish people and only cares about what they want to do since they are free with no concerns for the wants and needs of everybody else. With freedom leads ill-fated choices that will make every single persons regret, thus as a result, be sad and lonely.


Single people actually tends to give more. For the reason that the freedom, financial means and the time that they have is more than enough to be shared to the people around us that needs tending, like our family, friends and even our neighbors. Single people are more likely to show up when other people need help.

The single community is growing

I don’t even know if I’m going to be sad or happy about the new positive insights that single people are getting in this day and age because more and more people are living single and even those who are married are getting around to it in their later years like some kind of an uncool trend.

It seems like everyone is considering the busy life this information age we are currently living and the single people were no longer the only ones who value freedom more than being in a relationship recognizing the correlation of happiness out of it.

It is evident that even those who are in a relationship and married take on board realizing that the freedom a single person has is a great opportunity to live the best of what life has to offer and there is more to a single life than meets the eye.

Now, I’m not saying that with this new positive insights and attention every single person is getting, we are better off single for the rest of our lives. 

What I’m getting at is that one way or another, we will get our own shot to get to meet The Right One for us as we may or may not be single forever. Let’s leave that it to our fate and destiny.

In the meantime, as you undergo this phase of your life, enjoy being single. Live the best of what your single life presents and squeeze every ounce of happiness out of it while it lasts! 


“If you aren’t happy being single, you won’t be happy taken. Happiness comes from within, not from men.”

– Anonymous


What are your insights being single? How are you living your happy single life? Are you having a blast?

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Happy Ghosting!

Pun intended! Because the Halloween has just passed. Surely, nobody’s going to be happy when being ghosted, not even on Halloweens, but I might just have the right insight you need to see the positive side of being ghosted.

Nowadays, you may have heard of ghosting a lot online or even experienced it yourself because truth to be told, it’s really not a new thing in the dating world. But just to be sure that we are of the same understanding, let us first define…

What really is ‘ghosting’?

If you look the term in a dictionary from way way back, it denotes the ‘appearance’ of a ghost or some sort of a secondary image on a display screen or in a certain place. 

But in our modern dating culture, it stands for the sudden ‘disappearance’ (no pun intended) of a certain someone from all sorts of communications and ending a personal relationship without explanation (even worse than a ghost).

Picture this as you found someone that you may consider as The Right One and you’ve sort things out to finally went out on a date.

With a few thrilling conversations and flirty exchanges that it seems nothing could go wrong you guys went on with it and then, after a date or two more. Poof!

Your partner is gone. No morning text message. No communication. Nothing.

You even tried reaching out. With no luck, the number you tried getting in touched was already out of reached. 

Leaving you into questioning yourself things like…

“What in the world just happened?”

“Did I do something wrong?”

Ghosting is not a new thing, it has long been existing. In fact, one of the most unnoticed ghosting can be found even in a very old but popular fairy tale stories. 


You don’t believe me?

Then what do you call of the sudden disappearance of Cinderella when the clock strikes at twelve midnight, ending her social connection with the prince, leaving him with no explanation whatsoever?

What if she didn’t left her glass slipper by accident that eventually led the prince to find her?

Ghosting at it’s finest.

It’s just that given the widely spreading social media dominance in this day and age, ghosting has become more popular online. 

Besides, the growing existence of online dating applications and websites dwindles the beauty of social connections like meeting in person on a fine afternoon tea or on a nice evening dinner date. 

The lack of this personal touch makes single people like us incredibly easy to come in and out of someone’s life. 

“Easy come, easy go.”

Though, ghosting is more common on newly-found romance encounters, it could also happen even to those relationships that already lasted for a couple of days or even years!

How come? 

Why do people ghost? You ask?

It’s just that when you get to the bottom of it, ghosting is the easiest form of rejection. It’s the easiest way out and getting away with the pressure of possible conflict and the spine-chilling “talk” or better coined as, “closure”.

It could also be a form of playing it safe or a form of escape from the fear of possible consequences like if you decided to call if off and tell it to your partner personally, you might end up going back to your words when you decide to go back to that relationship one day.

Ghosting is undeniably a lot easier than telling someone straight up that they’re just not into the relationship anymore, but it’s also one of the coward and selfish move one could ever take.

It doesn’t take account on the person being ghosted.

It’s a kind of ending a relationship that will leave you feeling confused, cause you pain and could be traumatic and paranoiac because of its complicated way of ending it. 

It is open with lots of possible explanations and excuses that could make or break you and your relationship down the line. And the worse part is that you will never get the chance to know those reasons because the person who holds the answers is no longer found.

I could only imagine the wreckage one could possibly take after being ghosted.

Be that as it may, just like any other obstacles in life, be it in a brief or long relationships or even being single, the world doesn’t just give us challenges like this that we can’t cope.

Things like this can happen to us one way or another, the feeling of devastation, being denied of formal closure and being deprived from the explanations that we deserve but won’t likely get. The feeling of being rejected.

But just like any other, we can all feel this way and we all have the choice on how to deal with this and let me be the first one to tell you that this is already complicated enough and I got you, so in your part, please DON’T make it anymore complicated.

That after all that has happened, after all that has said and done, the only wise thing to do is to accept the things that has happened, good or bad as they are.

It would take time and we don’t deserve this, I know. But the sooner you accept this, the better.

This is something that we can’t control because we can’t control what others do. The only thing that we can control is our reactions towards them and it’s not what we say to them that would create a great whack, it’s what you whisper to yourself that holds greater impact.

When we come think of the bright side on all of this ghosting, it may happen for a reason and it could be a blessing in disguise. You might ask why. 

The reason lies to the fact that the person who just ghosted you just spared you from going deeper into a relationship that you don’t deserve and saved you from wasting more time to spend with the wrong person.

So instead of being sorry for yourself by being ghosted, you should be thanking them as cliche as it may sound. For time is such a luxury worth spending only for the right love, for The Right One.


“Remember, you alone get to choose what matters & what doesn’t. The meaning of everything in your life has precisely the meaning you give it.”

– Marc & Angel Chernoff


Have you experienced being ghosted? How did you get through it? What is your take on Ghosting?

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A Lesson To Learn From The Singlehood of Sherlock Holmes

As known to many, Sherlock Holmes is the most portrayed fictional private detective written by a British Author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

He is known for his dedication of his craft using his extraordinary powers of observation to solve mysteries of crimes and abandoned cases too complex for an average detectives. 

But what will peak our curiosity here is that inspite of his brilliant mind of cracking mysteries, the only thing he can’t solve is the mystery of love. And to quote…

“I conduct myself as though I’m above matters of the heart, chiefly because I have seen them corrode people I respect. But in my candid moments, I sometimes wonder if I take the stance I do because “love”, for lack of a better word, is a game I fail to understand, and so I opt not to play.” 

– Sherlock Holmes (CBS’s Elementary Season 2 Episode 12)

Though in his defense of being a man of reason said he had never loved, I would say he arguably did. 

He might have fell to a woman he considered his equal in intellect and wit. 

She was being projected as an antagonist in the story (A Scandal In Bohemia), the only woman who had ever defeated Holmes to which the only case he’d perhaps failed. Her name is Irene Adler.

Holmes met Adler in a case mission to retrieve a disputed photo in the possession of Adler herself, to which he failed to obtain because Irene outsmarted Sherlock by disguising as a youngster and fled the country together with the item Sherlock needs, passing through Holmes’ extraordinary powers of observation.

She is best described in the short story as THE woman to Sherlock Holmes. He seldom mention her in any other name and in his eyes, she “eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex”.

Though Sherlock Holmes is known to have remarkable courtesy and considerate in dealing with women and showed attentiveness to several who were also fond of him, he was never really involved to them emotionally as near as his admiration with Irene Adler.

Holmes may deny any emotions akin to love for her, but to him there is only but one woman as puzzling and as cunning as her.

With that said, could it be that Sherlock Holmes found The Right One in Irene Adler?

In our modern world, Sherlock Holmes could be any of us, who are dedicated to our own craft, be it our career, work, advocacies or anything we’re too passionate about that keeps us occupied. 

Sherlock Holmes may have stated this:

“love is an emotional thing, and whatever is emotional is opposed to that true cold reason which I place above all things. I should never marry myself, lest I bias my judgement.” 

Sherlock Holmes (The Sign of Four)

And this statement may leave you into thinking that maybe it’s Sherlock’s choice not to fall in love because it will just cloud his judgement and his objective nature but the last few words of his statement imply that he considers it.

“…lest I bias my judgement.”

Perhaps, it’s because The Right One still came to him where he least expected it and without him longing for it to come into the scene of his life.

And as it happens in stories, it can also happen to us.

Whilst it still hasn’t, what could be better than to spend our times being single in ways we are most productive and dedicated with our own respective crafts where we are good at like Sherlock Holmes?

We might not have a very keen observation powers like him but I’m sure that we are atleast good and passionate about something.

And while we waste time wishing and longing for The Right One to come into our lives, single people like that of Sherlock Holmes are spending valuable and fruitful endeavors that makes them happy and worthwhile, bettering themselves.

Without realizing that in the process of doing so, it may set the universe in motion and pull The Right One into our orbit where we least expected it.

And like the song of Julia Fordham goes…

“Who’d have thought this is how the pieces fit?”

Because love moves in mysterious ways that even the famous Sherlock Holmes couldn’t even break.


Are you like Sherlock Holmes? How would you relate yourself from this post?


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