Hopeless Romantic No More!

This is not to give a good account to myself, but people around me always sends me compliment typically about my above-average look, my pleasant personality and my good-hearted nature.

But inspite all these flattery, I have to admit…

I’m always been the hopeless romantic type.

Not a day goes by that I don’t fantasize about love and the likes of my future soulmate. 

I’m a strong believer of happily ever afters in every fairy tales hence I date to marry.

And for these very reasons, I always gave my all in every relationship I had.  I gave all the love I could give to each and every special persons that once came into my life thinking that every each of them is The Right One for me back when they still had me in each separate special instances.

Little did I know that this ‘enthusiasm’ of mine was giving them pressure to keep up with my standards of how I vision my ideal man should be.

To cut the story short, they couldn’t live up to it, walked away out of my life, thus the downfall of our relationship.

And so, again with being a hopeless romantic, I decided to make it my life’s purpose to relentlessly seek my soulmate, The Right One. 

Never did I lose even for just a single bit of hope in the course of my continuous search believing that only by having a romantic relationship will my life be ‘whole’.

My continuous search then turned into a cycle… 

Until I came to a point that I grew tired of all this searching and finally came to terms with myself, realizing that…

“All my life, above anyone else, I never get the chance to put myself first.”

It was when I stumbled upon reading The Simple Ups: An Open Letter From A Single Soul that I finally know what I was missing. It made me realize that while I made my life’s goal to seek for love, I was looking for love in the wrong place all along.

The works from The Simple Ups was the game changer for me and for that, I am truly grateful and honored to be apart of it.

It had opened my eyes to possibilities that I thought I couldn’t but now I already understand that there is really more to being single than to just associate it with loneliness and such negativities.

Even at this very moment… Yes. I’m still single.

And I’m still in the search…but I’ve already broke my previous cycle to instead of seeking love from someone else, I’m now focused on finding myself  and trying to understand myself more than ever.

I realize that the missing part of me is none other than me! I’m now learning to put myself first and to appreciate and love myself like I never did before. I figured that in order to deserve The Right One, I first need to be The Right One and let my destiny and fate takes its own course to lead The Right One’s way into my life. 

At the very least, I could say that I’m still the hopeless romantic type that I was before.

I’m quite uncertain if I’m really okay for still having it in me, but what I’m really sure of is that I’m feeling better. Better than I ever was. 

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey.”

– Sylvester Mcnutt

This is my take of what it means to being single. What’s your story?


Write it in the comments below!